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Five Years

Earlier this month, Brock and I celebrated our fifth year of marriage. I have learned so much this past year about Christ-like love, and much of it has come from Brock and how he helped me with my depression.

Brock was there for me in private and mostly unseen ways. There was one night I remember where I needed him to hold me and talk through all my problems and feelings while I cried and cried. When I felt comforted, I fell asleep while he stayed up for over an hour to work. The next morning, I realized he had sacrificed his sleep for me. He was bleary-eyed and tired because he knew I needed him, and he was there for me.

He helped me figure out that I needed medical help, and gave me the courage I needed to talk to my doctor.When I got home after being prescribed antidepressants, I cried to Brock because I felt like I had failed myself in not being able to get out of this depression on my own. He hugged me and reassured me instantly by saying, "When you're sick you need med…

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