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Recently Read: June 2018

It has been so long since I've done a recently read post, which is too bad because I have read so many good things. Audiobooks have become even more prominent on my list since getting Stella. I'll listen on all our walks, which is a great way to get more reading in and it really helps me unwind. As I'm looking at this list, the only one I read in paper form was the one by Amy Silverstein. All the rest were on audio, and they were all great in that format.

Here are some of the best I've read:

1. I Am, I Am, I Amby Maggie O'Farrell
In this memoir, O'Farrell takes us through near-death experiences in her life. They are all thought-provoking and compelling. The format was such an interesting take on a memoir, and it is one of my favorites to date.

2. Castle of Waterby Dane Huckelbridge
I saw this one on a blogger's list for books she enjoyed but didn't seem to be well-known. After reading it, that is exactly the category I would put it in. It was such a fu…

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