The Most Romantic Thing I've Ever Read

Here’s something odd I’ve noticed about myself as I get older: I am much less interested in romance (specifically the pursuit aspect of romance) in books and movies.

I have quit books because I get bored with wondering, “Are they going to get together or not?” And TV shows or movies who have characters with drawn-out romances lose my interest after a while. In fact, recently someone was asking about how Brock and I met and was digging about in a way that I could tell they wanted to know our love story. I was a bit vague because I thought, “Oh, I don’t want to go into it. That would be so boring for her!” But then I realized that she was actually interested! Because many people love romance, even if my interest has mostly waned.

All of this is to say that I am not someone is very mushy about romance. But there is a quote I read from a novel that I have never been able to forget because it perfectly captures how I believe early love feels.

The quote comes from a wonderful novel called Up a Road Slowly, by Irene Hunt.

The main character, Julie, had just kissed Danny for the first time. She came back inside to her aunt feeling very much in love, and here is my favorite part:

"I noticed that Aunt Cordelia started toward the kitchen to get the souffle and then stopped in the door to look at me. She sensed something. No wonder; the universe was singing."

The universe singing! Could anything be more perfect? Isn't that the way love feels, that everything is more beautiful and that the whole world is better?

I remember once, a few months after we were married, Brock and I were walking to get lunch. It was the first really warm day after a long, cold winter and I was wearing new coral flats. We didn’t have school or work that day and felt so free and happy. As we walked we held hands and I laughed and felt so in love. The sun was shining on us and I remember feeling that the universe was singing.

Romance as a storyline may not be as interesting to me as it once was, but I love being in love.


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