Recently Read: August

Today I'm linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what I've recently read (and what I'm currently reading)

A Mother and Two Daughters
 by Gail Godwin
 This was such an interesting and captivating read exploring the very different lives and perspectives of three women. I loved the different and intertwining storylines and am now looking to try another book by Godwin.

I Remember Nothing 
by Nora Ephron
I listened to this gem on audiobook, and it is so good. There are so many truths about aging and divorce and love of place. Her essays are fresh and funny and memorable. She reads the audio version and that just makes it even better.

A Homemade Life
by Molly Wizenberg
Wizenberg is a food blogger and gifted writer, and I really enjoyed the way her book blended stories of her life along with recipes that reminded her of momentous events. She has a great writing style and it was fascinating to read about someone so interested in a topic at which I am a major novice.

Jayber Crow
by Wendell Berry
Berry's style of writing almost makes it hard for me to recommend- it is slow and philosophical and there is such a depth of thought. This was a not a book that I read quickly, but it was one that made me stop and think.

Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert
I heard a lot of praise about this book, and found her message about ideas and creativity to be interesting. I thought her writing style was slightly off-putting and bit too informal, but it was a fast and fun read.

In Other Words
by Jhumpa Lahiri
I have been a fan of Lahiri's books for a while now, and was excited to see she wrote a nonfiction book. This one was originally written in Italian and is a love story about her love for the Italian language. She talks a lot about the meaning and emotions behind language and how language highlights her personal journey.


  1. I liked Big Magic. It was my first book by Gilbert and I agree that her writing was a bit too informal, but I think it worked overall for the style of the book. I wasn't too crazy about the metaphysical/spiritual approach of ideas coming to people, but there was enough in the book to keep me hooked despite some of the stuff I wasn't a fan of.

    I am hoping to read A Homemade Life soon. i have heard great things about it!

    Here are my July reads:


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