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Could he be any cuter? I do not think it is possible
I often have all these thoughts float through my head and I think "Hey, I want to write about these!" But they're not long enough for a full blog post and I'm not on Twitter so I decided to put some of random thoughts all together here.

-It feels so weird to see a lot of the world celebrating fall when the temperatures here are constant at 78 and none of the leaves are changing. Even though I grew up in California and was used to the absence of seasons, I miss them now that I have lived places where fall is so beautiful.

-We went to a new library branch yesterday and the building was small and adorable and I fell in love as soon as I walked in. They had a nice children's section that James flipped out over and I was planning out our future trips here and basically imagining this becoming our new library home. But then I started talking to the librarian. And it turns out they are closing the branch in January to tear it down and rebuild. When I asked why (very aghast) the librarian said, "Well, this was built in 1961 and it's just pretty old." What? That's not old! My dad was born in 1961 and he's not old! I don't know why this is bothering me so much but it really is.

-Brock and I are leaving in a few days for our first trip alone since having James. I'm so excited. I think the plane ride alone will be blissful. Imagine- I can read, sleep, listen to music, all without a screaming toddler! I actually cannot imagine, that's how foreign the concept is to me. I'm also looking forward to sleeping in, not worrying about naps or strollers or any of that. But I tend to get anxiety about trips (well, actually about a lot of things, but trips are on the list) and it's been hitting me hard today. I'm just trusting that everything will go well with our plans and we will have a great vacation/second honeymoon.

-I just finished the book Find Me by Laura Van Den Berg and found it maddening! Has anyone else read it? I just really wish I could talk about it with someone.

-I cannot get over how wonderful it is that James has his own room now. Bedtime and nap routines are so much simpler and our quality of life has improved SO MUCH. I hope that I never stop being grateful for this because that year and a half of him sleeping in the kitchen was so hard.

That's all that's been on my mind today- what about you?

Photos taken by Brock


  1. That's such a bummer about the library! And I agree, that's super weird if there aren't other issues!


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