A Gratitude List

I've been thinking lately about what I'm grateful for. It's been a tough month so far and it always makes me feel better to count my blessings.

1. James sleeping through the night
He actually woke up twice a few nights ago because he has a cold and needed to be comforted back to sleep. It was SO hard getting my sleep interrupted, but I realized he hasn't woken up in the night once since we moved here over two months ago. It has been over a year since he's been sleeping through the night consistently. I don't think I can exaggerate and over-dramatize enough how terrible and traumatic his newborn days were for me in terms of missed sleep, so I am just so grateful for the good sleeper he is now.

2. No winter!
There is a huge weight lifted off me knowing that I don't have to go through a freezing cold winter. No worries about how to keep James from being stir-crazy inside or about getting a deathly version of the flu or driving in a snowstorm, no stressing about winter clothes or slippery sidewalks or lack of vitamin D. It's wonderful!

3. Prime Now
Prime Now is this wonderful app for Amazon Prime users where your orders are delivered within two hours! We had it in Chicago and last night when we were out of milk (which is a code red alert in our house) I checked to see if they deliver around here and they do! So I didn't have to go the store! It was so amazing and I am so so so grateful I didn't have to leave the house to get groceries.

4. Chocolate chip banana bread muffins
James and I have both eaten our weight in these and they are so gooooood. Such a great quick snack.

5. Our couch
We have been living without one for two months but the one we ordered finally, finally came and it has been great. I love how it looks and I love having a place to sit and read while James plays instead of having to sit cross-legged on the floor.

6. Being compatible with Brock
We took a random quiz today and on almost every question we answered the same thing. The first question had us choose among a bunch of colors and at the same time we said "turquoise." The next one had us choose among 5 animals and we both picked owl. Then we both picked Costa Rica for our next vacation spot. We both picked reading as our favorite hobby. It's silly but hearing us say the same things reminded me that we are so good for each other.


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