What I'm Into (November)

We went to a new-to-us park and he was so in awe over the buckets and buckets of trucks, aka his favorite toy
For whatever reason, November has not flown by. It seems like Halloween was months ago and I've already been thinking it's December for about a week now so I'm just glad it's finally here. Now Brock and I just need to buckle down and figure out Christmas-related stuff- mostly presents for extended family and a Christmas tree. It will be our first year having a Christmas tree and I am so excited. We're finally growing up!

Here is what I'm into this month:

I just finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and was a little underwhelmed. I recently read another book about dysfunctional family dynamics and that one was a ton better. This one just fell flat for me, but the story itself is pretty interesting.

Besides that, I've been trying to find more good audiobooks. I just listened to Brown Girl Dreaming and really enjoyed it. I'm currently listening to The Wednesday Wars which I've heard a lot of good things about but I'm still not sure I like it. I'm just not very into middle-grade fiction. But for the first time in about 2 months I don't have anything on hold, so any good audiobook recommendations would be appreciated!

Brock and I are huge Doctor Who fans and he just discovered that we can watch season 9 on Amazon Prime. We've missed the show since it was taken off Netflix a year or so ago (maybe longer, I can't remember). So having it back has made me so happy. Also, in case you're a fan too: Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, Clara is my favorite companion, followed by Donna (why does Donna always get overlooked??), and I could not stand Amy Pond.

I've also watched one episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I've liked it okay but am just kind of annoyed at Rory's storyline and so I'm not dying to finish it. I'm also one of about 3 people alive who doesn't like binge-watching, so it's totally normal for me to take awhile to finish it.

I've been in a cooking slump lately and just really have not felt like dinner most nights. Brock has stepped in (as he does) and made us waffles and bacon a few nights and some Brazilian cheese rolls (you can find the amazing recipe here from Our Best Bites) other nights to get us by.

But, I did make some delicious fajitas last night. I love this recipe (from Iowa Girls Eats) so much. You don't have to marinate at all and it is just so flavorful. I made some guacamole too and we had wrapped them all up in tortillas. It was so good.

Okay, so like every other mom there are tons of times when I feel so overwhelmed by motherhood and other (rarer) times where it feels like I'm living the life. Lately it's been more on the overwhelmed side but I just want to record the joy that James is. I've loved watching him grow and change and I am surprised by how much I LOVE hearing him talk and learn new words. It just reminds me that he is actually learning things that I teach him.

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  1. All of HP is on Audible -- I have neglected all of my favorite podcasts to binge listen :) On book 6!


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