What's Saving My Life Right Now

It always lifts my spirits to think about what things are making my life better right now. February isn't a tough month in southern California weather-wise, but there is never a bad time to think about good things in life, right? So here are the things that are saving my life.

1. Looking at ultrasound pictures of our little baby BOY!
We went to our 20-week ultrasound today and had it confirmed by our tech that we are having another little boy! At my 12-week ultrasound they were pretty sure it was a boy, so we've been banking on that ever since, but it has been so good to know for sure. Now we can settle on a name and pull out all our tiny baby boy clothes from last time.

This smile is brought to you by Snoogle

2. Snoogle Body Pillow
I never used any type of pregnancy pillow during my last pregnancy and I had major regret about it the six weeks before I had James. But by that point I figured it was too late to bother so I just dealt with it. But this time around I knew I was not going to let myself suffer, so when I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas I bought this wonderful pillow and my sleep has improved dramatically.

3. Vaseline
For some unexplainable reason, my lips decided to go completely crazy on me about a month ago. They peeled, cracked, got little sores, and caused me a lot of pain. I put on tons of chapstick, coconut oil, an essential oil blend I've used in the past and nothing worked. Then I saw my huge container of Vaseline and decided to try it. My lips are healed!! I still have to put the Vaseline on about every 2 hours or they start to crack again, but they feel so much better than before.

4. Pampers Size 5
I feel like a bad mom for this one. For about two months James had been wetting through his nighttime diaper almost every night. It was annoying but since he fits size 4 I figured what could you do? I am such a weird rule-follower that I didn't want to put him in size 5 since he's not 27 lbs yet (I know how crazy that sounds). But I had finally had enough of him being soaked and with size 5 the problem is solved! I'm just kicking myself for not doing it a long time ago.

5. Grocery store carryout
Last week was the first time I've done this (and I did it again this week) and I couldn't stop marveling over how much simpler it made my life. The person carrying out my groceries put them all in the trunk and took the cart back before I even finished buckling James in his carseat! I am total convert and don't think I'll skip it again (as long as I have a child with me).

6. Wearing a watch
I got a watch for Christmas and I realized I love knowing the time. It's such a small thing, but I've noticed I get a little annoyed when I don't know exactly what time it is and I hate digging in my purse for my phone. The wristwatch is such a great invention and having one improve my quality of life.

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  1. Yay, congrats on another sweet baby boy! Your littles will probably be the best of friends and yay for getting to reuse the clothes!

    Caleb has been in size 5 for over a year... it is crazy! We used to have the wetting problem too but we've been good for awhile!

  2. yay! body pillow's the best! Congratulations you guys!

  3. Your baby belly is the cutest thing ever! Congrats on another boy, that will be so fun for James to have a buddy. My oldest two are really close and I think it's because they are the same gender. I was never as close to my brothers as my girls are to each other, so I think two boys will be fun! I like reading your blog


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