My Six-Month-Old

My sweet Calvin is now six months old. He has been an incredible gift to me every day of these six months. During my pregnancy (and thus, my depression) I would sometimes worry that the baby would be colicky and difficult to soothe. I had such a terrible time while pregnant that I couldn't imagine how I would handle taking care of a high-needs baby.

But Calvin has been a joy since the minute he was born. Right after birth, the nurses kept remarking on how calm he was. He didn't cry a single time in the hospital and it wasn't until he was 8 days old that he cried longer than 30 seconds.

During those first few weeks, he completed me in a way I hadn't experienced before. I remember how much I ached to hold him, and how I felt that without him I would fall apart.

As I was traversing those emotionally difficult days of recovery, Calvin soothed me and grounded me. Holding him provided a solace from all that I was going through emotionally. His sweetness and goodness helped me as I was healing from the emotional turmoil I had been going through.

He's a mild, gentle soul. He is observant and interested in the world around him, has the softest baby skin, and is incredibly ticklish. I never want to forget the way his little limbs tighten around me as I settle him on my hip or the way his hands will stretch toward me as I walk in the room.

I have a unique love for him and am full of gratitude to my God for the beauty of this baby.


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