What Are Your Favorite Kids' Ages?

Right now, James is 2 years and 9 months old, and Calvin is 5.5 months old. There is so much I love about each of those ages.

James is vivacious and energetic. He relates entire books to me word for word. It's the cutest when he kind of mangles words together- like when Calvin was waving his arms around and accidentally hit James, and James said, "Mama, Calvin wiggled me!" Or when he heard some dogs barking and said, "Oh! Those dogs are ruffing so loud!" He loves dancing, playing on his slide, lining up his cars, and singing the same songs over and over. Jumping- over doorways or sidewalk cracks- is his favorite skill. This age is such a joy.

Calvin is alert, adorable, and sweet. He is figuring out how to roll over, loves playing with little rings while on his blanket, and is always so pleased when he manages to put his toes into his mouth. Tickling the soft folds of skin under his arms makes him shriek with delight. His favorite thing in the world is to be held. I love his baby noises and the way he just learned how to blow raspberries. Stroking his baby skin and smelling his baby smell is pure bliss.

As much as I love my two children as they are right now, I'm not sure either of them are at my favorite age. Babies are adorable, but for my sanity I prefer them slightly more independent and less nap-reliant. And while I love two year olds, tantrums and getting yelled at are not on my list of enjoyable pastimes.

Looking back, my favorite age so far has been 12-18 months. It is an amazing time filled with discovery and learning. I felt that James really became himself during that time and it was wonderful to watch.

I will never forget the first time he said, "Dada!" upon seeing Brock come in the room or the way he imitated the sounds of ambulances and dogs. I loved watching him learn to walk, learn to play with toys, learn to climb stairs.

Now I find myself looking forward to Calvin turning one. I'm not wishing away his baby months at all, but I know how much fun lies ahead for us.

And sometimes, when I feel a little wistful about James getting older, I think of something my sister-in-law Rachel told me. She is a mom of three and wise in so many ways. On James's second birthday, she told me to enjoy this age because 2 to 4 years old are her favorite stage. It was the best thing she could have told me, because I think many moms get a tiny bit sad on their children's birthdays. Now I remind myself all the time that Rachel's favorite age is this, right now, and that it isn't over yet. There is so much to look forward to in my boys' lives.

I would love to hear- what are your favorite kids' ages? Do you love the newborn stage or do you like it when your kids are older?


  1. My favorite age is the 1st 2 months. They just cuddle in your arms and everyone just oohs and aahs. But now I'm really enjoying my adult children. It is wonderful to see them as successful adults. My children are caring and generous. I love seeing them with their children and grand children. I love the way they still love and cherish me. I love this stage in my life and theirs.


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