What I'm Into (January)

January has been a great month so far. The weather here has been absolutely perfect and I've just felt myself falling into a good rhythm with two kids. I've also been cooking more, reading a ton, and just feeling on top of my life lately.

Here is a small sampling of what I've been into:

1. Crock Pot meals
When I was pregnant with Calvin, I couldn't make anything in the crock pot because the smell of food cooking made me want to barf. But this month I've been making strides in meal planning and most of them have centered around the crock pot. And it's amazing!

I've made almost every meal from this list with great success, and I also loved this chicken chili recipe.

2. Dog-related memoirs
I'm still feeding into my dog-love by reading books about people who love dogs. I first read Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp, which is an interesting look about her own relationship with dogs and the way that people are drawn to dogs specifically.

Then I read You Had Me at Woof by Julie Klam, which talks about her experiences working with a rescue organization and foster dogs. The organization works with Boston terriers, and since that is what my family has I felt a special kinship to her story.

3. Rereading
For some reason, I have been rereading very heavily lately. I have no idea where the urge came from but I'm running with it. Currently, I'm rereading Mrs. Dalloway on audiobook and reading The Sun Also Rises. Within the last month I've also reread Nurtureshock, Pride and Prejudice, and Lean In. I have more books on hold- like H is for Hawk- that I can't wait to get to.

4. Antibiotics
Or, more generally, modern medicine. Both my kids have had ear infections recently, which is a special kind of torture for the non-verbal one, and I am so grateful that they were able to take antibiotics to ease their pain.

5. Small gold studs
I've been really into gold studs for a while now and I have so many. It completely baffles Brock; he doesn't see any noticeable difference between my pairs, but it brings so much joy to me every morning to pick out my earrings for the day. Here are two that I love: trinity and chaplin

6. Switching my antidepressant dosage
This month, I switched my dosage down to 50 mg (it had been 100 mg). I'm always trying to be open about my mental health, so I don't mind sharing that it became obvious that the 100 mg wasn't working for me anymore. In November and December I noticed that I was feeling kind of numb. It's hard to describe, but I really couldn't feel as happy or as sad as I wanted to. And one day I forgot to take my medicine, and I actually felt better than I had in a while.

So I talked to my doctor and switched my prescription down for now. Maybe in a few months I'll be able to go off antidepressants completely, but for now I've feeling so amazing.

And that's something else I'm grateful for- that antidepressants exist to help me feel like my best self. I wake up in the mornings genuinely happy and excited for the day ahead, and since that wasn't the case for so long I don't want to take it for granted.


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