An Anniversary Post

Yesterday, Brock and I celebrated four years of marriage. It's a small number but there's so much that the number doesn't capture. Moves, a baby (and another on the way), winters, car problems, travel, job changes, tons of colds, lots of dishes, eating out and staying in, and all the experiences couples face.

We've been through a lot but I'm not naive enough to think that after four years together Brock and I have experienced it all. Life has taught me that there is a lot more in store for us.

And yet, here is just one thing I want to say after being married for four years: It is truly a beautiful thing to see two people come together, learn to compromise and forgive, learn how to serve, experience major life changes together and individually, and through all that get to a deeper level of love than they could have ever thought possible.

I love you forever, Brock, and am so excited for our life.


  1. É realmente incrível como o tempo voa quando estamos ao lado de quem amamos e nem nos damos conta...
    Parabéns a vocês...
    Cristina e eu sentimos saudades, um Grand e abraço meu s


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