Some Ramblings

Here is an installment of some random thoughts I have floating around my brain. Enjoy!

1. A few weeks ago, I printed out a 2017 calendar (one page for each month) that I found somewhere on Pinterest. I hung it up in my closet to keep track of my exercise because it's nice to see how it measures out on a weekly basis. Today, I realized that the calendar I printed was from 2016, not 2017. Yes, it took me weeks to realize that. Sigh. And I printed all 12 months on cardstock. Double sigh.

2. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will likely have to keep napping this entire pregnancy. During the first trimester when I was so sick and exhausted I didn't think much about my daily naps (besides the panic I felt if there was a chance that I might have to miss one), but I assumed that my need for them would disappear around the same time my nausea did.

I've had to accept that the need has not gone away. A few weeks ago I declared that I was going to wean myself off naps. It was a very noble attempt, but I started noticing that on the days when I didn't nap I would be so emotional and exhausted at night that I could barely do anything. Yet the constant need to sleep for 2+ hours in the day embarrassed me. Which is silly, because I'm pregnant and need to take special care of myself. So I have let go of my shame over having a similar sleep schedule with my almost 2-year-old and am looking forward to five more months of naps.

3. I recently bought some maternity leggings at Old Navy (similar) and have been wearing them about 3-4 times a week. Usually I would space them out more, but it has been raining here so much (sidenote: is the drought over yet?) that I can't wear the maternity dresses I bought when I was expecting this to be a normal warm winter. I'm having to get strategic about making sure I don't wear them too often when I know the same people will see me.

4. After writing this post I decided to buy The Highly Sensitive Person. It slightly breaks my rules because I haven't read it before so I'm not sure if I'll want to read it again, but I have heard a ton of good things about it. I'm 99% positive I qualify as a highly sensitive person just based on the description, so I'm extremely interested in exploring the topic more. And since my library didn't have a copy I felt justified in buying one of my own.

5. I have been feeling the baby moving around a lot the last week and it has been great. I was feeling slightly dumb because I wasn't sure for so long if it was actually the baby or not. Shouldn't I know how it feels since I've already been pregnant? But after enough times when I stopped and thought, "Why does my stomach feel so weird?" I realized that since I wasn't on a roller coaster it must be the baby. And it's nice to feel a little mover inside me again. We find out the gender in a week and a half and I am so excited.


  1. Oh, so excited that you're going to find out gender - yay!

    I recently took a quiz to see if you're a HSP, and I definitely qualify too. I want to start reading some more about it.

    Take all the naps you want! I'm not even pregnant and I'm a big nap fan. I try and take one on all my days off work with Caleb. :)


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