My Dream Reading Space

I love imagining my dream reading nook, which would have lots of sunlight and a comfy place to sit surrounded by pillows. Daydreaming about such a spot inspired me to start thinking about how I could create one in our home right now.

Currently, I read all over the place. During breakfast and lunch I'll park myself at the table with a book open next to my plate. At night, I'll prop myself up on the bed and read while Brock is working, and during the day I'll sprawl on the couch for the rare 10 minute increments James manages to play on his own.

While I know it doesn't really matter where I read, I would love to have a spot dedicated to my reading life.

There is a corner in our home that has definite potential to become that little reading nook. In our living room, we have the most wonderful Craigslist find of my life, a brand-new West Elm Graham Glider.  We also have a tripod floor lamp from Target that complements it so well, and looking at that spot gives me a daily happiness boost.

It's almost the ideal reading space, but the problem is that I'm too short. If I slouch down in the chair, I am just able to get my toes to graze the carpet, but that is definitely not comfortable long term. Most of the time I just curl up in the chair, but when I'm reading for long periods of time (or nursing a baby) I want to be able to stretch my legs out and push the rocker.

So, I have put together what I feel are the essentials to achieve a more perfect reading space- a place to put my feet and pillows for my back. For my feet, I've been looking into poufs and ottomans. I love the look of poufs because of their cozy vibe, but I'm open to the idea of a good ottoman as well. I love this pouf from Arhaus which I think would work well with what we already have in the room.

I also want one or two beautiful and supportive pillows. The pillow that came with the glider (you can see it in the picture below) has no support and blends in with the chair. I went to Arhaus's site and found about twenty couch pillows that I love and managed to narrow it down to two that I would choose in a dream world.

So here are all the pieces of my dream reading nook: the Graham glider, the brass tripod lamp from Target (both of which we already own), and a great pouf and pillows (1 and 2) all from Arhaus's living room collection.

Writing this post makes me realize how possible it is to make that glider a better fit for my reading life, and I'm now motivated to make this happen before the baby comes.


  1. Sounds like it'll be perfect once you can get it all set up!


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